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Bank of America, New Limits for Credit Card Applications – Miles to Memories

I knew something was going on at Bank of America, given recent denials for both myself and my wife. But it is nice to know that there is a method to their madness. Guess we won’t be applying for any BofA cards for a while. I’m on track to drop under 5/24, so Chase will be the new focus.

Strikes Cost British Airways $182 Million – Loyalty Lobby

British Airways has really suffered from this strike, and there isn’t an end in sight. I expect the union will keep up pressure. The last “called off” strike did as much damage as the actual strike days. $182 million USD is approximately 1.1% of their annual revenue (based on 2018 numbers).

Marriott Reveals It’s Stuck With the Name Bonvoy: “It Is What It Is.” – View from the Wing

Marriott has resigned itself to keeping their dumpster-fire Bonvoy program. I’m sure they have a ridiculous sunk cost into it at this point. I really do not understand why they went with the name they chose. They’ve gotten themselves into this mess, and it appears they are going to just do as much damage control as they can and let things play out.

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