I recently flew in JetBlue Mint, and originally I was booked in a single “Throne” seat. But due to getting COVID I had to move my flight a few weeks. And unfortunately, that new flight I moved to didn’t have any of the single suite seats left unfortunately.

JetBlue’s original A321 Mint product features 16 total seats in the cabin. There are 12 lie-flat seats in addition to four suites spread out over five rows. Rows 1, 3 and 5 have a 2-2 configuration and rows 2 and 4 contain suites with closing doors in a 1-1 configuration. The cool part is that JetBlue doesn’t charge extra for the single suites, and the earlier you book, the better chance you can grab one.

I really wanted one of the four suites, so I set up an ExpertFlyer alert for any of the four suites to be available.


ExpertFlyer Example

Cost for Seat Alerts:

So there are many subscription levels to set up seat alerts. You could do a one-time seat alert like the example above for just $0.99 cents and pick the specific seats you’re looking out for. Or you could have a Basic Account for $4.99 a month or a Premium Account that is $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year). The Basic Account comes with 4 Seat Alerts at a time, and Premium accounts include 200 combined Flight & Seat Alerts at a time, among other features as well such as searching airline award and upgrades, etc.

The Golden Ticket (Email):

About a week before my flight, I got a nice email that stated:

This is a notification that your Seat Alert has located available seats.

Seats:         2A, 2F, 4A, 4F
Found:         4A, 4F

Yippee! I quickly logged into my reservation and sure enough 4A and 4F were showing available on the JetBlue website so I quickly moved to 4A.

The Verdict: ExpertFlyer Helped!

Overall, ExpertFlyer helped me not have to check daily for the seats to pop up, and allowed me to move from a seat where I’d have to sit next to someone, to my own single seat. I enjoyed my JetBlue Mint experience, and you can read up on that flight here.


ExpertFlyer helped me! Have you used it before? Has it been helpful for you? Comment below!


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