Short flights on American Airlines are often operated by small jet aircraft such as the Embraer 145. Seating just 50 passengers, the cabin is laid out three abreast, with one seat on the left and two on the right hand side.

Since I was travelling alone, I chose a seat on my own on the left hand side of the cabin. It’s always nice not to have someone sitting beside you.

AA4261 – New York to Washington DC (JFK-DCA)
27 May 2018
Embraer 145 – N616AE
Seat: Main Cabin 4A
Departure: 11:29 Arrival: 12:49

Boarding in New York was relatively fast considering the small number of passengers that fit on board the aircraft. After a wait on the jetbridge we were soon allowed on the flight. Leg room – or more specifically – knee room is quite okay for me.

The overhead lockers are on the right hand side of the cabin and I had no trouble stowing my small bag. In short order we were given the safety demonstration and took to the air.

On Board Service

Cabin crew come around once in the air offering a small snack and a drink. I took one of the Biscoff biscuit packs and a cup of water. Since the flight was so short, nothing more is really required.

There is no first class cabin on the ERJ, so everyone gets exactly the same thing. We landed without incident at Washington Reagan airport and then parked up among a gaggle of other similar aircraft.

Once down the stairs, you get on board a bus for the short ride to the terminal. Weirdly you drive away from the terminal, turn around, and then go back before getting off and entering the terminal.

Overall Thoughts

Taking an ERJ is a perfectly fine experience for such a short flight. Being given a complimentary snack and something to drink is a good touch and I have no complaints about the service.

There is not a whole lot of overhead space for bags, so I was glad I only had my laptop bag with me. The crew were fine and everything went well. Have you flown on an American ERJ? What do you think? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Venkat Mangudi via Wikimedia Commons.