This weekend I went to Belfast to attend a music festival and as usual I decided to take the train. First Class on the Enterprise train is quite nice but unfortunately on my return, there was none and instead we had a Translink NI train.

While I am quite happy the service wasn’t cancelled, it is hardly replacing like for like. You can see the difference here, and it is quite noticeable.

Translink NI Train

Everyone found out there was no Enterprise when we arrived at the train to board. First class passengers were expecting to get on board to find this.

Instead there was no first class, as Tranlink NI trains don’t offer it. That meant finding a seat on what would be a train that was filled above the seating capacity. Some people had to stand for the two hours to Dublin.

There is also not enough luggage space, so some people had their luggage in the aisle. The air conditioning is also not particularly good, so the train became warmer as the journey progressed. It was a pleasure whenever the doors opened to let in some fresh air.

Any Chance Of A Refund?

The very pleasant staff apologised each time people boarded, noting it was free seating (if you could get one!) and there was no on board catering available. They also mentioned that first class passengers could claim a refund for not having that class on the train.

When I got back, I checked online and there is an actual paper form you need to complete and post in. What is this, 1947? Paper forms? I’ll be printing and sending mine in on principal alone.

Overall Thoughts

My pleasant and leisurely journey on the Enterprise from Belfast to Dublin turned into a cramped, hot and stuffy ride. I’m delighted the service wasn’t cancelled, so I’ll take what I am given.

That being said, it perhaps would have been smarter to use some of the other Irish Rail rolling stock. The InterCity trains in Ireland are far nicer and should be used as replacements over these Translink NI trains.

Have you experienced a train swap before that has been a substantial downgrade like this? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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