CityGold First Class is the third and final type of premium offering by Irish Rail which is offered on services between Dublin and Cork. For such a small country it is amazing to me that there can be three variations on a first class product.

The others are First Plus / Enterprise Plus on the services between Dublin and Belfast which is excellent. There is also Premier Class for all services offering first class that do not include the aforementioned routes.

CityGold Cabin

Just like the Enterprise services, first class seating is arranged two by one with tables in between the facing seats. The seats are large and very comfortable.

Wireless Internet is offered for free on board and standard Irish power points are located under the tables. Seats feature an electrically operated tilt function so you can either recline or sit up very straight which would be useful when working or eating.

Overhead are individually operated reading lamps which provide light in addition to the lamps on each table. The controls for these are in the opposite arm rest to the tilt control.

There is plenty of room to stretch out in your seat and the tables are big enough for working without encroaching on someone else’s space.

CityGold Amenities

According to the Irish Rail web site, all services receive complimentary orange juice on boarding. In addition, complimentary newspapers are offered on selected morning services. Dining is also offered at your seat on selected services.

Selected services must mean week day services. Travelling on a Sunday meant none of the kid glove treatment for me which is somewhat disappointing.

The Facilities

Naturally one is going to need to use the facilities at some point on the journey. Toilets in CityGold are decorated with Irish country scenes on the wall, giving a rural feel to the proceedings.

There is a toilet and a basin for washing your hands. Interestingly the soap is dry little flakes that fall on your hand when you turn a knob which is different. They soon suds up under water.

The basin also features a hand dryer which is angled so that you can barely get a hand under it. I think that might need a rethink. Either way my jeans came in handy to blot the remaining water off my digits.

Overall Thoughts

CityGold is designed primary for the busy business traveller heading to Dublin or Cork. It features far more space than standard class and a host of amenities designed to ease the burden of travel.

It is probable the complimentary juice is provided on departure from Cork and not for guests joining part way through. I noticed this on another service and really if it is written that it is offered, all passengers regardless of point of origin should receive it.

Despite these niggles and no at seat service (CityGold is right beside the dining car so it is not exactly far to go to get something!) I would certainly recommend the service over the standard class alternative. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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