Dublin Airport is not busy during the pandemic, as Irish people have been advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary. In contrast to many other countries, the people in the emerald isle more or less follow the advice.

I had cause to travel through on 14 December 2020 and it is still as quiet as it was back in August. It means no wait at check-in or security and a more relaxed experience all round.

Dublin Airport Terminal 2

As it’s Christmas season, the trees and decorations are all out in force, giving a festive vibe to the terminal. It’s good to see, even if there aren’t many people to see it.

Security takes all of 30 seconds these days, which is lovely. In actual fact, I could have arrived later at the airport as there were no queues anywhere, even at Aer Lingus check-in.

What About The Gates?

Pretty much the same story down there. Every gate is completely empty of people, until you get to one where there is a flight departing. That is the only place you see people.

Everyone seems to be complying with the face mask mandate. The only people without them seem to be small children, who are still running around making noise as per usual. Alas!

Overall Thoughts

Dublin Airport is a fine place to travel through during the pandemic. It is safe as houses, really. Everyone is pretty good at social distancing and all the measures are in place to minimise any risk.

Since hardly anyone is travelling and the terminals are designed for far, far more people, it is probably safer than your local supermarket. Therefore my verdict is to travel now while things are relaxed.

Have you been through Dublin Airport (or another airport) during the pandemic? How did you find it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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