The FAA wants you to leave your drone at home when going to the “big game” this weekend, declaring the NFL Super Bowl XLIX a “No Drone Zone” in a posted YouTube video (below) and @FAA tweet with hashtag #NoDroneZone.

According the the FAA:

The FAA bars unauthorized aircraft – including drones – from flying over or near NFL regular- and post-season football games. The same restriction applies to NCAA college games in stadiums seating 30,000 or more fans, Major League Baseball games and many NASCAR events.

You may read the full FAA NFL Super Bowl XLIX Flight Advisory here.

“Don’t spoil the game, leave your drone at home.”

Meanwhile… at the White House…

It has been reported that the drone (a DJI Phantom quadcopter) that crashed into a tree on the White House compound property was controlled flown by an “inebriated off-duty employee for a government intelligence agency” who reported the incident (after waking up the next morning) to his employer and the Secret Service, and has cooperated with authorities.

Apparently he flew the quadcopter while perched from an apartment just blocks from the breaking news crash site. While the property is heavily monitored by personnel and high-tech radar, sensors, cameras, etc., this certainly serves as a wakeup call to the Secret Service for additional safeguards against radio-controlled devices and the like.

As for the “government intelligence agency employee” responsible, no criminal charges have been filed, but I would love to be a (drone?) fly on the wall to hear that debriefing meeting go down. Do Not Drink & Drone!



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