Today, Mrs. MJ on Travel and I made the drive from DC to my mother’s home in North Carolina.  The drive should normally take around 5 hours, but today it took 8!  It took 3 hours to make it from downtown DC to Quantico.  Those of you familiar with the DC area will know just how ridiculous that is.  I-95 from DC to Richmond is a mind-numbing, soul-sucking, dreadful experience any day, but most especially 2 days prior to Christmas.  I cringe for weeks just thinking about making the drive….which is the reason I only do it once per year.  Traffic in and around DC is the reason if I can’t walk, take Metro, a cab, or a jet, I generally don’t visit.  But for some reason, I let the idea of hauling holiday gifts sway me every Christmas.

Christmas, a time for family, joy, and happiness….. but instead I arrive here mad as hell with the world because I just spent 8 hours in a car navigating a 40 mile traffic jam.  I’m beginning to think gifts are made for being shipped by FedEx, and I will be a much more pleasant person after a pre-flight cocktail and a 1 hour flight.

Let’s see if I write this same post next year.  🙂