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Airlines for America – a trade association of American, Southwest, United, and others – announced that new gender options will be added for passengers when booking flights. For those who are non-binary, they will be able to select other options than the current male or female. As a push for diversity and inclusion not just in the workforce but for customers, these airlines aim to make flying more comfortable.



This will be effective June 1 – so only a few short months from today. For now it’s still either “male” or “female” but soon there will be other options for guests. Delta who is not part of this trade association also announced he same. This follows California’s 2019 policy offering a third, non-binary option on their ID, in accordance with the Gender Recognition Act signed in 2017.



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Don’t care who you are so long as you don’t infringe on my space!

I applaud companies in their conservation and diversity initiatives, and this is no exception. It provides a more inclusive environment, as it (may) be annoying or uncomfortable to not have an identity or option to select. Now those who are non-binary may have the option to select, at little cost (to airlines). It’s an easy win.

Of course, I would highly recommend not reading the comments on the page. Of the first dozen or so, not one was supportive, and all were hateful and bigoted at worst to ignorant at best. I’m not exactly sure why, since it’s between individuals and the airline, and doesn’t involve others. A person registering as non-binary has no effect on me when booking or on the plane. So long as they don’t infringe on my armrest (unnecessarily) or airspace, there won’t be a problem, much like any other passenger. So avoid the cancerous comments on Yahoo!



As companies continue to progress (albeit slowly) we should highlight and applaud steps in the right direction. We should strive for an inclusive environment not just on the ground but in the skies as well. Don’t worry, people, male and female options will still be available. There will just be a third option (at least).



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