Disney World is taking steps towards reopening its parks, although a date has not yet been set.

The last Disney park I visited was Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  I visited during the holiday season, so the crowd was big and lines were long. How the world had changed since.  I am glad I visited when I did, because I don’t have plans to visit anytime soon.  That was true even pre-COVID-19.

I took quite a few pictures along the way, but I never got around to sharing them, until now.

cars driving on a road

Welcoming entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


a sign on a pole

You can’t miss these creative animal parking signage, to remind you where you’ve parked.


a group of people in a trolley

Disney’s got you covered with complimentary parking tram service.


a tree with many branches

The Tree of Life is major highlight of Animal Kingdom.


a wood carving of a bird

You can admire detailed work walking under the tree.


a tree with many branches

Another tree view.

We watched one of the live productions:

a group of people on a stage with a group of people on it

Still trying to find Nemo…


a group of people on a stage

Humans wearing fish costumes just doesn’t work for me…

Animals at the Animal Kingdom

Part of the appeal visiting the Animal Kingdom was that it was like a half a visit to the zoo. We were looking forward to the Kilimanjaro Safari, and apparently, so was everyone else.  Lines were long everywhere, but we waited for this ride.  I saw everything from someone trying to squeeze up the line every chance she got, to a teenager borrowing her mom’s phone only to drop it (the screen cracked).


Kilimanjaro Safaris

I’m going to have a little fun with the captioning.

a truck driving down a dirt road

The safari vehicle. Reminds me of Jurassic Park …and dinosaurs.


a couple of white birds drinking water from a metal bowl

Saw these unique long beak birds at another section of the park (not during the ride)


a lizard lying on a rock

“This space is all mine.  Back off. ” with that menacing look.


a tiger lying in the grass

Do you see what I see?


a tiger lying in leaves

“Maybe I can blend in here even better?”


a hippo lying on the ground next to a body of water

“What do you want, bird? This is my spot. I am not moving”.



a animal eating grass in a field

Clay ant-hill in the background. Do you know what animal this is? (Because I don’t).


an animal with horns standing in a field

“Look at my horns. I’m not afraid to use it.”

a deer walking in a grassy area

“Just loitering around…”


an elephant walking in the woods

An Elephant!


a group of giraffes walking on a dirt road

“Who’s taller? You or me? ‘Nuf said”.


lions lying on a rock

“I’m the king of the jungle, hear me roar”.

a animal standing in the grass

“Nothing to see here. I’m just snacking”


a rhinoceros eating grass

It’s quite amazing to be able to see some animals up close.


Rivers of Light Night Show

After the tour, it was already in the afternoon.  We waited through another round of long line to order food.  Afterwards, we wandered around and assed by the sight of these lotus flowers.  We figured that they must be part of the Rivers of Light Show.

a group of fake flowers on a pond

Lotus Flowers…for Rivers of Light show?


a lake with a mountain in the background

Caught the view with Volcano Bay in the background.


We had a FastPass for the Rivers of Lights show, but it was for the late showing.  Instead, we opted to standby for an earlier show.


a green light in the dark

Lights. Waterworks. Props.


a lighted object in the water

And yes, the lotus flowers were part of the River of Lights show. Beautiful display.


It would be interesting to see how Disney parks operate in the post COVID-19 era.  Having smaller crowds and shorter lines would make a better experience for most guests.