This is risky, especially on a Friday night, but I’m going to give it the old college try. I’m going to throw a topic out there and see if we can get some discussion going. The topic – is it just me or are GoGo’s speeds increasingly unacceptable? I’m sure the particular market you’re flying has something to do with it, but overall, I found United’s satellite based wi-fi speeds on SFO-ATL to be better than DCA-ATL using GoGo inflight wi-fi on Delta….a route I frequent, and a flight I’m on as I type this. Does anyone else get slow speeds and frequent complete drops of the GoGo signal? Am I being unfair? Was I lucky with my sample size of two United flights with satellite based wi-fi? There you have it….LET’S DISCUSS!

-MJ, August 22, 2014