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Well, the big day has finally arrived. It’s time for our cruise aboard Disney Fantasy. Not only is this our first Disney cruise, it’s also our milestone 35th sailing together. Wonder if Captain Mickey will buy me a drink? I’ll be sharing observations throughout the cruise, with a capstone review when we return. In the meantime, here are a few random thoughts.

The packing – I’ve packed more stuff than I have in a long time. I’m not sure why, but this Disney thing seems to take a lot of stuff, starting with my pirate costume. Oh yeah, there’ll be pictures. MrsMJ and I have thrown caution to the wind when it comes to packing for this trip. Heck, she brought one small bag exclusively for shoes! I’ll return to my “don’t overpack” mantra next cruise.

The pre-cruise hotel – I selected the Hyatt MCO for our pre-cruise hotel. I was unable to take Friday off, so we were booked on one of the later flights from Atlanta to Orlando. Arriving around 11PM, I thought the Hyatt, located inside the terminal would be a good choice. I was correct. It was wonderful being able to just collect our luggage and walk just a few steps to hotel check in. No time was wasted with taxis or (gasp) airport hotel shuttles. We were both tired, and being able to get to sleep soon after landing was a blessing. The Hyatt MCO was a solid decision. Doing a little plane spotting from our balcony this morning sealed the deal.

Taking a car service to the port – One last pre-cruise ritual is the decision to book a private car to the port, and not take the “Disney Bus.” We were able to leave on our schedule, and are enjoying a very comfortable ride to the port as I type this, with a cup of Starbucks waiting. Prices vary, but I usually budget $150 for the privilege. It’s money well spent in my book, but it’s an even better deal if there are more than two people traveling. Think about it.

Well, we are getting close to the port, so it’s time to sign off for now. I will be blogging throughout the cruise with details on boarding the ship, and each day’s adventures. Stay tuned…..it’s time to cruise.

-MJ, March 15, 2014