Shortly after the disappearance of the SkyMiles award charts a few months ago, I encouraged Delta Air Lines to rip the bandage off SkyMiles already. In that post I said

“I believe all of this has been part of a plan to take SkyMiles to a purely revenue-based program, something more like Rapid Rewards than the traditional airline mileage program. I’m not one who religiously believes that one mile flown = one mile earned is the way to reward, and I think the words I’ve shared here on the topic support me on that. At the same time, I think it is incumbent upon any organization, whether they be an airline or a lawn service, to be upfront with its customers. There are legitimate reasons to change business models, business practices, and yes, even loyalty programs. What I don’t understand is why Delta continues to put off what it must see as the inevitable end state of SkyMiles. Every little cut just re-hashes the same bruised feelings and anger among fliers. I really think yesterday was a major event, and many of us are at a crossroads when it comes to loyalty.” 

Nothing that was announced yesterday was all that surprising in the aggregate. The writing has been on the wall for months, if not years. I also wasn’t surprised that Delta implemented its award pricing changes without much in the way of notice. As I said yesterday, June 2016 seems far away, but it really isn’t when you consider that the reservations booking window opens at 330 days out.

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Rightly or wrongly (and for the record – I still don’t buy the argument), the lawyers at Delta have convinced themselves that award pricing and dollar pricing are essentially the same thing, and a move to a revenue-based program only solidifies that opinion. I would not look for that stance to change in light of a pretty big data call from the DOJ on pricing. In other words, I think no-notice changes are even more likely when it comes to SkyMiles, and perhaps other programs too.

Mark my words, 2015 will be a year to remember, and the bandage has come off. Now, all eyes turn towards Fort Worth.

-MJ, July 15, 2015