There was a hail storm in Atlanta today. The trouble is, I couldn’t figure out if it was directed at me for not being quite as worked up as some about Delta’s most recent revelations, or if it was directed at Delta for doing what they’ve done. Afterall, a Cranky Jackass Award and a February hail storm in one day is no easy feat.


There has been enough said about #DeltaAwardChartGate without me adding anything else. Delta is making decisions that it absolutely has a right to make. Whether they know or care about the potential ramifications is above my paygrade. What is most bothersome to me out of all this is not that Delta has or has not decided that they are moving to a fully revenue based SkyMiles, it’s the way the whole thing has been rolled out. Apparently, it’s still being rolled out…..bit by bit.

It’s time for Delta to come clean about the future of SkyMiles. Past time.

-MJ, February 9, 2015