Delta SkyClub at JFK Terminal 4

New York-JFK | Terminal 4 | November 2016

The Delta SkyClub at New York-JFK’s Terminal 4 is hands-down one of the best domestic lounges in the United States.  Though the lounge lacks an impressive food spread and luxurious amenities like a spa or hair salon, the SkyClub is still a solid lounge.  To make my experience even more enjoyable, I didn’t have to pay a cent to get in, thanks to the American Express Platinum Card.

Delta 737 from SkyClub

Delta 737 from SkyClub

What makes the lounge great, as previously mentioned, isn’t crazy and lavished amenities but rather, a consistent, practical, and luxurious experience.  The terminal 4 location, from the moment you enter to the furthest corners of the lounge, features a wide array of modern seating options, warm lighting, great service, and practical amenities.

After a long and hectic trip with classmates to Wall Street, the Delta SkyClub was a small, yet much appreciated, taste of luxury.

SkyClub Location, Access

Delta operates two SkyClubs at New York-JFK; one in Terminal 2 and one in Terminal 4.  The SkyClub located in terminal 4 is considered one of Delta’s flagship SkyClubs and is the inspiration for brand new clubs in Seattle and Atlanta.  To access the lounge, you’ll have to pass through security in either terminals 4 or 2.  From Terminal 2, you’ll have to take Delta’s JFK Jitney over to terminal 4.  From the security screening area in Terminal 4, it’s roughly a five-minute walk to the lounge.

Delta Terminal Map of JFK (Image: Delta Air Lines)

Delta Terminal Map of JFK (Image: Delta Air Lines)


Anyone departing out of terminals 2 and 4 can purchase a day pass for $59.  Of course, day passes are subject to capacity restrictions and won’t allow you to bring in any guests over the age of 18.

I gained access to the lounge via my American Express Platinum Card.  When traveling on Delta Air Lines, American Express Platinum Card holders can access Delta’s portfolio of SkyClubs throughout the world.  Using my Platinum card, I was able to access the lounge without having to pay a single cent.

There are, of course, other ways in which you can access the lounge.  If you are a DeltaONE passenger (select transcontinental and long-haul international business class passengers) you and a guest have unlimited access to all of Delta’s clubs network wide.

When you’re ready to access the lounge, head down terminal 4’s long concourse to the entrance.  Enter the frosted glass doors, proceed up the escalator, and approach the desk.  Access to the SkyClub is pretty straightforward.

Dining at the Club

As I previously mentioned, the SkyClub at JFK’s Terminal 4 isn’t a lavished experience.  It’s practical.  Practicality doesn’t equate to cheapness in Delta’s case.  Unlike at American’s Admiral’s Clubs (though this is changing), Delta offers a full breakfast buffet at their clubs.

During my visit, the buffet offered a plethora of hot and cold breakfast foods.  Some notable hot options include; pancakes, turkey sausage, a vegetable quiche, and an egg frittata.  Cold options include; fresh whole fruit, fruit salad, hard-boiled eggs, breakfast pastries with assorted jams, and traditional lounge snacks.

Delta SkyClub Breakfast

Delta SkyClub Breakfast

I opted for some pancakes, turkey sausage, fresh fruit, coffee, and OJ.  The pancakes were a little tough (very odd texture) while the turkey sausage was perfect and flavorful.  The fruit tasted fresh, and the OJ was fresh squeezed.  Additionally, Delta serves Starbuck’s coffee at its clubs which is a fantastic perk.  I also enjoyed a Bigelow Earl Grey tea before departing the lounge.  All-in-all, I enjoyed a fantastic and filling breakfast.  To make it even better, I didn’t spend a single cent.  However, there is the option of purchasing premium food via kiosks located throughout the lounge though the kiosks were not operational during my visit.

A Brief Overview of the SkyClub

As I mentioned, Delta’s SkyClub at terminal 4 is modern, practical, and comfortable.  The first thing you notice upon entering the club is the sweet and comforting scent found in Westin hotels.  This fragrance is part of Delta and Westin’s partnership that extends beyond the SkyClub.  Additional Westin amenities can be found in Delta premium cabins.

The entryway to the lounge is brightly lit and emphasizes the clean and sleek feel.  Once I reached the top of the escalators, I was greeted by Delta’s helpful and welcoming SkyClub team.  At first, the club looks somewhat small,  however, the check-in desk is massive with multiple agents working the desk.  Once I turned the corner from the desk, I began to realize just how massive the lounge is.

The club is sectioned off into multiple areas. The main atrium consists of a number of traditional dining tables and booths near the bar.  Interestingly, at each dining table, there are power poles with AC and USB outlets.  The furniture in the club is very sleek and modern.  Additionally, the bar is massive with enough staff on hand to provide speedy service to all guests.

There are additional sections of seating throughout the lounge with leather lounge chairs and wooden high-top chairs and tables.  Again, outlets are found at nearly every single seat, so there’s no lack of power in the club.  The club also features multiple refreshment areas with bottled water, tea, and those fancy airline lounge coffee machines.

My favorite part of the club was the fairly large enclosed center room consisting of thirty or so private cubicles.  These red cubicles are very private and quite comfortable.  However, these cubicles lack power outlets.  Additionally, there are quite a few workstations with AC outlets at each station, placed along the outer edge of the lounge near the Sky Deck.

The lounge also features a number of private shower suites. However, I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of this amenity.

The SkyClub Deck

One unique feature of the Delta SkyClub in Terminal 4 is the SkyDeck.  The SkyDeck consisted of a fairly large outdoor area complete with seating, a bar, and great views of the tarmac.

It was quite chilly and not even daybreak so I spent very little time outside on the SkyDeck.  I will say that the SkyDeck nearly beats the Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Clubhouse’s deck in that it’s much larger and features a wide variety of seating options.

SkyClub Staff

I didn’t interact with much of the SkyClub staff but the few interactions I did have with club attendants were positive.  The agent at the front desk of the club was extremely warm and welcoming.  She was also aware of the American Express Platinum perk that granted me access to SkyClubs on the day of travel.  This was a major concern going into the lounge as I wasn’t sure how the club attendants would respond to my Platinum card.

The staff at the bar and monitoring the buffet were also polite and welcoming.  I will say that compared to other lounges, none of the lounge attendants went out of their way to assist passengers.  Though the service wasn’t the bare minimum, it certainly wasn’t memorable.


El Al 747 from Delta SkyClub

El Al 747 from Delta SkyClub

I was pleasantly surprised by how massive and modern Delta’s SkyClub at JFK’s Terminal 4 was.  I was expecting a step above Priority Pass lounges but nothing to this degree.  The lounge features a wide array of practical amenities including shower suites, a buffet, on-demand food and drink, a beautiful observation deck, and plenty of AC/USB outlets.  Access to Delta’s SkyClubs can be purchased for $59 which I’d argue if visiting the JFK terminal 4 location, is worth it.