My fellow guests at Kamalaya

Once I had settled in for my Detox, Unwind & Invigoration, I started thinking about the other guests. Since there was a story behind my being here, I wondered what the story was for them. To the predominantly female population here I dedicate the picture for this blog (courtesy Kamalaya and Thomas Zerlauth). I didn’t try this pose, but its a nice image! My Day4 blog also has links to the earlier ones if you want to travel back in time.

I found that my fellow guests were primarily

  • Women, comprised about 80%. It seems men have not yet taken to, accepted that they need this, or have not yet acted on it. Even I came here as my wife suggested it, and found the place for me.
  • Alone, though not Single, like me.  This is something one has to do alone. There were a few couples, but not many. I also met some groups of girlfriends.
  • European. I met Brits, Scandinavians, Dutch, Germans. The other large contingents were from Australia. There were a few Americans & a sprinkling of Japanese.
  • In their Forties, like me. I suppose the “mid-life” appraisal one goes through at this stage of our life is a factor.
  • On a program. Everyone has chosen one of the many programs on offer. They are well worth it, with a structure for us to follow.

Dinner at Kamalaya

Dinner was at the breakfast place, the Soma restaurant below the reception. It starts at 6pm with last orders at 10.30pm. I would normally reach at 8pm and leave by 10pm for bed. There was the buffet to choose from as well as several a la carte appetisers, soups, salads, mains & dessert. There was a large “healthy” a la carte selection, as well as some “not as healthy” lamb chops, “gluten” pasta and the like. I was very easily able to stick to the healthy options as they were tasty, sticking to a started and a main as it was quite enough.

As at breakfast, I would sit alone at the lower level looking downhill to the beach. After eating, on most days I would join the communal table at the main level, meant for the various singles who were there to find some company. I met some interesting people, most of whom were very open about themselves.

Experiences at Kamalaya

Today I had my last session with my Mentor, the person who had been my psychiatrist and guide through my time here. She made me go back in time through my life and I found myself confronting long suppressed demons. It was painful, but necessary. Though I was staying for 2 more days I would have had more sessions but she doesn’t work on weekends and doing this with someone else was not the right way. I will always remember her. If you have a mentor in the program you choose, I suggest you ask for one who is available throughout your stay.

The serenity continued to help me. With 2 more full days left, I started thinking about what I would do when I got back. But more on that in my next blog. Keep reading!