Airlines operate in an environment where they accept payment in multiple currencies as they serve various countries. This is why it’s surprising that Aer Lingus vouchers feature a currency restriction on them.

Cancelling a flight and getting a credit voucher rather than losing your money is very welcome right now. I’ve received and reused several vouchers with British Airways over the past 18 months and found the process to be straightforward. Not quite so with the Irish airline.

Voucher Currency Restriction

I booked a flight from Dublin to Paris for April 2022, to connect to a scandalously cheap British Airways ticket to Hawaii. Following another round of schedule change roulette, this was no longer required so I requested and received a voucher from Aer Lingus.

Generously, these have a five year period of validity, which is rather nice. I’ve already used all but €30 on a replacement flight, and decided I’d use the rest on another new flight. Until it didn’t work. Why? Well, nestled in the Terms & Conditions is this.

That’s right, “Vouchers can only be redeemed against bookings in the currency of issue.” I was trying to book a flight from London Heathrow to Dublin, and of course ex-UK bookings are priced in British Pounds. It’s no big deal, I am going to book a British Airways flight instead as it’s cheaper, but not having a dynamic currency conversion allowing the voucher use is a bit sad here in the 21st century.

Overall Thoughts

The currency restriction on Aer Lingus vouchers is not exactly going to be a huge issue for many people. The only reason I noticed it was due to trying to make a booking from another country.

That being said, British Airways vouchers will happily apply against whatever they’re thrown at. I’ve used vouchers denominated in British Pounds against bookings in Euro and vice versa and the system happily converts them on the fly and it all works.

All I need to do now is remember I have €29.62 waiting to be used with Aer Lingus sometime in the next five years. I’m sure it won’t take me very long to use the balance, knowing me.

Did you know that Aer Lingus vouchers had a currency restriction? Has it ever impacted you? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Aer Lingus.