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Well, it’s almost time to cruise. You’ve got your ship’s boarding pass printed, and heck, you may even be packed by now!!! Other than finishing your packing, you’re almost all set. One little thing – Many cruise lines no longer provide pre-printed bag tags. They provide the ability for you to print them yourself at home. Theoretically, they can be folded and stapled around the handle of your luggage. Works fine. Me being me…. I picked up some clear plastic luggage tag holders from Ours say Live – Love – Cruise….. yeah, I know. 😀

If you don’t print your own, the porters who collect your baggage can handwrite some just for you, and that works just fine too. Don’t sweat it. Alright…time to start getting excited. It’s almost time to set sail. I’ll be back with Cruising with MJ – Embarkation Day (It’s Time to Play) on Friday.

-MJ, March 27, 2013