It’s official, you can cruise to Cuba!! I broke the news over at InsideFlyer that Carnival Corporation’s Fathom brand has received official approval for cruises to Cuba. Fathom’s M/V Adonia will set sail from Miami this May with stops in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. According to the company’s press release,

“travelers will enjoy an exciting Cuban experience and will sail aboard the 704-passenger MV Adonia, where they can choose to partake in onboard experiences, including Cuban- and Caribbean-inspired music and film options, as well as Cuban-inspired menu options.

Special onboard programming will include a wide variety of activities covering an array of interests, ranging from an orientation to Cuba’s history, customs and culture, to geographic-inspired entertainment, to casual and fun personal enrichment activities, to conversational Spanish lessons, to guided sessions with the Fathom team.”

Cruise to Cuba

Just check out this itinerary map courtesy of Fathom.

cruise to cuba

Courtesy of Carnival Corporation

The Fathom Experience

I’ve written about the Fathom experience before and why Carnival was uniquely positioned to be the first cruise line in Cuba. Impact travel is a growing niche, and through its Fathom brand, Carnival will be the first U.S. cruise line in Cuba in half a century. Exciting times, and I look forward to posting more about Fathom and its unique place in cruising and Cuba travel from the USA as we get closer to May.

-MJ, March 21, 2016