After many years in the world of miles and points, you’d think that you’ve it all. As much as we love to write about our travels and credit card related adventures, there are always instances that leave us flabbergasted. Every now and then, we come across something truly bizarre, like this instance when a Chase reconsideration call left me flummoxed and amused at the same time. Similarly, a reddit user reported that an Amex chat rep accidentally closed the wrong card upon request.

Amex rep closed the wrong card!

Reddit user Engage_Afterchurners reached out to Amex via chat in order to close a card. However, the rep closed the wrong card! The customer wanted to close the Business Green card. However, the rep closed a brand new Amex Gold card instead.

AF came due on my Business Green, I decided to close it because I use the BBP and BBC a lot more. I confirmed the correct card name and last 5 digits in the chat, but they went ahead and closed my brand new Gold which had the 60k MR / $250 Resy offer attached.

I called them and they canceled the correct card and said to expect a call in 2 days about reinstatement of the Gold card, but I’m worried about them messing up and not reinstating the promotional offer, which is a big reason why I got the card.

Thankfully, Amex sorted the issue out eventually.

I got a call today, the account has been reinstated and shows previous transaction activity in the app, and a new card is being issued. From the app it seems the account number is the same but the card issue number has increased (X100Y -> X200Z). The agent said the welcome offer will be restored too. I’m going to try a restaurant spend once I get the new card and see if the 20% cash back triggers.

The Pundit’s Mantra

All’s well that ends well. I’ve had my own set of bizarre incidents in the miles and points game over the years. What has been the most crazy or the most frustrating incident that you’ve across while being a part of this hobby? Tell us in the comments section.


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