In this hobby, we often talk about how our strategies hinge on and change a lot based on the policies set out by card issuers. In previous posts, I’ve highlighted certain tips and tricks in order to ace a reconsideration call as well as get a very lucrative retention offer from a card issuer when the annual fee becomes due. After many years in the miles and points hobby, I thought I’d seen it all. However, this reconsideration call topped the charts in terms of facing the most unexpected thing. Here’s what happened.

Chase Reconsideration Call

I’d recently applied for the business version of the United MileagePlus Explorer card by Chase. After entering all the relevant details on the application, I hit submit. Chase’s website then showed the standard “We need to review your request a little longer” message.

In a few days, Chase would send out a letter spelling out the requirements in order to get the application approved. However, I was curious to know and get the application expedited. Therefore, I picked up the phone and called their reconsideration line. I spoke to a couple of reps who verified my identity and tossed me around a bit between a couple of departments.

The third rep was much more helpful. Moreover, she said that she’d transfer me to the relevant department staff with the ‘decision makers’ for this application. I was put on a long hold again. After holding on for many minutes, the music stopped. I thought I was finally connected to a rep, but here’s what transpired.

Me: Hey, Good Morning

Person on the other side (POTOS): Hey

Me: I’m calling in regarding an existing application for the United Business Card. I saw that after applying online, I got a message that there’s more info needed to process my application. I’m calling in to see how I could provide you with the relevant info to help you process it.

POTOS: I’m not quite sure

Me: May I know why?

POTOS: Mmmmmmm, I’m actually a customer too

Me: Whatttttttttt?

POTOS: Dude, even I was holding on waiting for a rep, I don’t know how we got connected

Me: Did you also apply for a card?


Me: Wow, I have no clue how this happened. Anyway, good luck and have a good day.

The Pundit’s Mantra

I’m still in the process of getting the application approved and will write a detailed post once I hear back from Chase. However, this was probably the most bizarre and hilarious incident to have ever happened to me ever since I actively started dipping my toes into the miles and points game.

Which has been the most bizarre instance or interaction that you’ve had in this hobby? Tell us in the comments section.


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