Cranfield University in England is quite unique in that they have an airport on campus. British Airways once donated a Boeing 737-436 to the University for use in instructing students.

They also have a flying classroom and laboratory, in the form of a Jetstream 31. This aircraft is now becoming difficult and expensive to maintain, so the University is calling for donations to replace it.

Cranfield’s Flying Lab

Why does a University need an aircraft like this? Well, it allows students to become flight test engineers. With special instruments on board, real-time data can be used to instruct the students.

Various lift, drag and pressure tests are undertaken, all in the name of giving real experience to people studying. Another 25 Universities send their students to Cranfield to use the aircraft, so it’s a vital piece of equipment.

The Saab 340 they want to purchase is larger and will be able to accommodate more people. Funding is already in place from the University and industry partners, however they will need another £1,000,000 to complete the project.

You can make a donation at this link here. As the only University with this capability in the UK, it would be a shame if they didn’t make their target. You can also read their full press release here.

Overall Thoughts

You might wonder why I think this is a worthy cause. Apart from the fact that it just is, I am an alumni of this University. I know first hand how valuable this kind of experience is for students.

Fundraising is always a challenge, regardless of what it is for, however donating to causes you think are worthy should be part of your life. As they say, every little bit helps!

What do you think of Cranfield’s flying classroom? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Mehdi Nazarinia on via Wikimedia Commons.