It’s been a long time between bonuses when it comes to converting SuperValu Real Rewards points to Aer Lingus Avios. I know, I’ve been keeping an eye on it regularly enough.

There is a Christmas bonus on at the moment, where you get 25% extra Avios when you convert your supermarket points. The big question is, is this actually a good deal or not?

Converting SuperValu to Aer Lingus

Back when the partnership was announced, the bonus straight out of the gate was double Avios. I immediately went about converting all of my Real Rewards points to Avios. Hip, hip, hooray!

In a classic move, the next bonus was triple Avios, to entice more people to convert. Yes, I should have waited for a better offer, but really, I was just happy to have the ability to earn points with an airline in Ireland outside of flying.

Since then, the bonuses have gradually reduced and become more infrequent. Double Avios hasn’t been seen for a long time, even a 50% bonus is a distant memory.

As I mentioned, it’s been quite some time since there was any kind of bonus. What I have done is converted everything in my SuperValu account at the 25% bonus. I’ll take what I’m given at this point, so I think it’s a good move.

Overall Thoughts

You win some, you lose some when converting SuperValu Real Rewards points to Aer Lingus AerClub Avios. I’m fine with the 25% bonus, though I’d be far happier with a 50%, 75% or even double Avios. No doubt that now I have done my conversion, there’ll be a huge quadruple Avios promotion in 2022 😉

It’s always good to remember that your Avios can be transferred around. If you have a British Airways Executive Club account, you can transfer them to and from there, and as far as I am aware, it’s the same if you have an Iberia Plus account.

What do you think of the current bonus that SuperValu are offering? Have you converted many points to Avios recently? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Nicoli OZ Mathews on Flickr.