As the popularity increases with the relative cost of owning your own drone decreasing, law enforcement and security firms have gone on drone defense. They are trying to keep up with countermeasures to keep drones on the ground in areas where they are not wanted or even dangerous.

drone defense

Signal jamming seems to be the obvious solution, as the Secret Service has reportedly looked into signal jamming protection as another method at the White House to enforce its no fly zone within a bigger no fly zone. Big sporting events such as the Super Bowl have concerns of recreational drone use posing a threat to fans, as seen in the campaign to leave your drone at home.

Well, the National Dutch Police are turning to the “All Natural” solution — take down the drones with a predator of their own: trained eagles!

As the video below (in Dutch) describes [translated], “It is a world first: Police use eagles to get hostile drones from the sky.”

Have the Dutch Police found a practical solution to taking down unwanted or illegal drones?
Or is this a bird brain idea that may do more harm than good, putting the creatures at risk of injury?

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