By now, you’ve likely heard at least one of the multiple news reports about the really bad storm Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas managed to sail into this weekend. I was not there, and I will not minimize or question most of what has been said. I will say that I have sailed through higher seas than those that were reported to have been experienced, but nowhere near the wind speeds the ship was reportedly battered with which were in excess of 100 mph.

Image of Anthem's Sister Ship, Quantum of the Seas © 2014 - Marshall Jackson

Image of Anthem’s Sister Ship, Quantum of the Seas © 2014 – Marshall Jackson

When you combine high seas with winds like that, you’re going to get a bit of rocking. OK, things are going to be rolling…for real. Yes, I’ve seen the pictures. Yes, I’ve read the Tweets. Most importantly, I’ve read the article with the meteorologist questioning the wisdom of the Captain and Royal Caribbean.

None of us, most especially me, know what really happened. We don’t know what weather information the Captain had, and we certainly don’t know if anyone was “pressured” to sail for economic reasons. I have read a lot of hysterical bullsheet on the internet in the last couple of days about this cruise, most of which was written by people not involved with it.

I do not for one second believe that a licensed master mariner and a publicly traded company (which I happen to be a shareholder of) would conspire to put cruise guests and a billion dollar ship in some kind of danger on purpose. I have no idea if anything will come of calls for “investigations” and getting to the bottom of this event will yield any real information. Perhaps we will learn something we all needed to know. In the meantime, I will just wait and see what we learn. I will also keep planning my next cruise. You, however, should do what feels most comfortable for you whether anyone on the internet agrees or not.

-MJ, February 9, 2016