No1 Lounges operate many airport lounges around the world, and their premium facilities are branded as No1 Clubrooms. One of these is now open at London Luton Airport, offering a real treat for travellers.

London Luton Airport has a reputation for being a bit terrible, which is unfair now the airport has completed a major renovation. With an array of high end shops and a decent design, the facility is well positioned for the future.

No1 Clubrooms at London Luton

Outside of the lounge is finished in an elegant wood, with the appropriate signage. Adult bookings cost £27 for the opening period through to 1 October 2019, and then will presumably cost £38 thereafter. It is cheaper to book online on the website than paying on arrival.

People holding Priority Pass or DragonPass cards also gain entry to this lounge. Included in the lounge is everything on the menu, which means table service, a hallmark of No1 Lounges and very appreciated by frequent travellers.

Interior Decor

The main room is essentially square, with a couple of wings immediately off the entrance. There is exactly one window to the outside, which gives the lounge a sense of place as you can see the airport action outside.

One wall features a bunch of lights, and on the opposite side of the room are dining tables. You can sit and eat anywhere you like, so there is not a separate area for dining per se.

VIPs can escape to a private room just off the entrance. Reserved signs were out, so I assume you can book ahead to sit here with your party, away from the lounge proper.

You Said Everything On The Menu Is Included?

All food and drinks are included in the cost of the lounge price. The menu features a range of items such as soup, a cheese plate, eggs benedict, an English breakfast, Beef Burger, an Italian chicken sub, Makhani curry, macaroni and cheese and more.

People wanting to drink can select from red wine, white wine, rosé, cocktails, beer, cider and sparkling wine. Proper Champagne is charged for though, at £9 per glass or £40 for the bottle, with the brands being Moët or Veuve Clicquot.

So, What’s The Food Like?

Considering I always like to eat everything, I decided to give the Clubrooms menu a whirl. I selected a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to go with my Beef Burger. Quite delicious all round, and the “burger sauce” is very tasty.

There was a little too much rocket salad, but that’s a minor quibble. The chips were perfect! While eating, my tasty wine was refreshed and I also tried the sparkling wine, which was just okay.

For dessert, or for whenever you like, there are a selection of cookies and cakes available. Having a sweet tooth coupled with writing a review meant I tried all four options.

To be honest, I found them to be somewhat average, which was a disappointment. One of the lounge ladies asked if I wanted anything else, and to my query of what is popular/worth trying, she suggested the Mac and Cheese. It was very good too and duly inhaled.

Anyone For Cocktails?

I always enjoy a cocktail and I decided to give a couple of those a try. The Raspberry Bellini is really nice, so much so that I had a second one later on.

Even later, I tried an Old Fashioned, which was pleasantly strong. I really should have tried some mocktails, as the Blueberry Mockjito sounds like my kind of drink!

And The Facilities?

After all that food and drink sampling, it was eventually time to visit the facilities. These are unisex, which is becoming more prevalent as time passes. Your bathroom at home is unisex, so it’s not really that much of a stretch. Cubicles are completely private of course.

Handwash and moisturiser is from L’Occitane, which is quite fine. The toilets always smelled fresh and were quite clean, which is a must when operating a decent lounge.

Overall Thoughts

The No1 Clubrooms at London Luton is well worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to wile away before flight. Even post renovation the airport is fairly crowded with most of the public seats taken, so escaping to this lounge is definitely good for your sanity.

Upon entry to the lounge, the staff show you around and tell you what is where. They are also both friendly and attentive and clearly enjoy their tasks. Plates were cleared quickly, drinks delivered swiftly and refills and top ups offered regularly.

Food quality is decent enough and the range is acceptable. Made to order cocktails and all the other drinks really adds to the quality feel that is helped by the design choices. All round, a great experience. If the service level remains as high as it is (and I can’t fault any of the staff at all), they will gain a great reputation and be the lounge of choice at London Luton Airport.

Have you visited this lounge or one of the other No1 Lounges or No1 Clubrooms? What did you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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