British Airways serve different meals in business class depending on the time of day. I’ve had the breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, but I’ve never had the Club Europe brunch. Until now!

Brunch is served on shorter European flights from London as far west as Berlin, as far south as Toulouse and of course all over the UK and Ireland. As it’s only available on services departing between 10am and 11am, it’s not all that common.

BA834 – London Heathrow to Dublin (LHR-DUB)
29 November 2019
Airbus A321neo – G-NEOW
Seat: Club Europe 2A
Departure: 10:45 Arrival: 12:10

Happily, the odds were ever in my favour, with the inbound flight from Stockholm arriving on time. With just 1 hour and 25 minutes between flights, that was a minor concern in the days before travel.

Boarding my flight, I sat down in 2A and anticipated the meal to come. The crew gave out hot towels and after the safety demonstration, we were in the air on the way to Ireland.

Dreams of Club Europe Brunch

I’m a bit of a fan of quiche, and I knew that was one of the Club Europe brunch options. Everyone on the busy flight who ordered ahead of me seemed to pick a different option, so there was plenty of quiche for me! First off, I tucked into the muesli thing which reminded me of breakfast. I guess that makes sense, considering brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. Either way, it was filling!

My usual style is to eat my favourite thing last, so down the hatch went the fruit. Right behind it went the cheese square with caramelised onion in the middle. That was different and quite nice as I do like a variety of cheeses. All of this was washed down by Champagne, and I’d ordered two bottles immediately as there were many rows of business class and I knew I may not see the crew again.

What’s It Time For Now? Quiche!

Finally I was ready to tuck into the quiche, sitting there patiently, waiting for my attention. Smelling good, looking hot, tasty and enticing… I could barely contain my excitement!

Cutting into it with my knife and fork, a rise of steam as it was still piping hot. Popping the first morsel into my mouth led to a satisfied smile. This was good – no, not just good – this was an excellent quiche! I’d have had three more if they had been available, totally gorgeous!

Overall Thoughts

Naturally, the crew took away the service items, the guy next to me struck up conversation and we chatted through landing. My bag came through promptly and I was in a taxi home in quick order.

But that quiche! The memories of that quiche haunt me. It was so very excellent that I am going to have to book another British Airways Club Europe brunch flight just to have another one. You could call it eminently satisfying!

Have you ever had the quiche for brunch when flying business class on British Airways? What did you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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