How can an Australian indie band called Client Liaison resurrect a defunct airline? In a very unique manner thanks to an interesting music video for their latest single.

A little explanation – Ansett Australia was an airline with a rich history on the Australian aviation scene. Operating from 1936 to 2001, it was one of two major domestic airlines in the country and a member of Star Alliance.

Client Liaison

Client Liaison hail from Melbourne and take some of their influences from the high flying excesses of the 1980s. Their music, lyrics, clothes and video themes often feature iconic Australian brands or allusions to Australian culture at that time.

Providing guest vocals is Tina Arena, one of Australia’s most respected and successful singer songwriters. She is known to be quite down to earth so it is no surprise she consented to sing with an up and coming band.

A Foreign Affair

The single is a duet called A Foreign Affair and the lyrics contain several references to Sorrento which is inspired by one of Tina Arena’s hit singles, Sorrento Moon.

Lyrical pieces such as sending faxes from the lounge and signing off your hotel mini-bar expenses to the business evoke the time period very well.

A friend of mine directed me to this and I was frankly astonished. I thought the band had taken pieces from old Ansett television commercials and integrated themselves into it digitally. It is THAT good an homage to the advertising of the era.

Everything in the clip evokes the era perfectly such as the aircraft cabin shots and the food. They even have the “staff” dressed in the correct Ansett uniforms! This video is a small masterpiece to my eyes.

Overall Thoughts

It is an excellent concept to use the advertising standards from a bygone era in a contemporary music video. The fact the song is also very good with a great vocal performance from all concerned is icing on the cake.

Client Liaison have music videos for other songs of theirs and a quick look at a couple of them really shows they really do love the excesses of the 1980s in an amusingly twisted way. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Gary Watt via Wikimedia Commons.