This little gem arrived in my inbox this afternoon:

Dear Marshall,

CLEAR is back! As new owners, we are thrilled to offer former CLEARmembers a complimentary 45-day membership.

Click Here to set up a new login and password – it’s easy. Once reactivated, your existing CLEARcard will work.

If you need to order a replacement card go to Your Account after you reactivate.

The CLEARlanes open in Denver October 31st, Orlando in November, and additional airports will be announced in the coming months.

We look forward to seeing you back in the CLEARlane.

The CLEARteam

Not sure what to think about this.  It appears they will be setting up shop in Denver first, and Orlando soon after that.  I’ve posted previously that I certainly appreciated Clear when I had it.  I found the service especially useful in Atlanta, where security lines can be highly unpredictable.  Having had time to reflect (and having discovered the first class security line in Atlanta), I just don’t see what Clear will get me that elite status on 2 airlines won’t.  Something tells me that the majority of Clear’s former members probably feel the same way.  I’ll certainly watch development of the second incarnation of Clear with some interest, but I don’t think I’ll bite this time.  I just don’t think it’s worth the $179 dollar annual fee.