My daughter and I traveled to Buenos Aires a few months ago for several days. Prior to the trip, I did my best to note down the cheapest and best way to get from EZE airport to Buenos Aires city center. Ministerio Pistarini (Ezeiza – EZE) International Airport is the larger international airport located further from the city center than Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP), and many international flights land here. We were staying in Puerto Madero, so I was looking for the cheapest way to get us from EZE airport to that neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

There are a good number of transportation options from EZE into Buenos Aires, including taxis, private shuttles, and various minibus and larger buses that can take you close or relatively close to where you’re staying. Depending on your priorities, it is really to you which is the cheapest and best way from EZE to Buenos Aires city center, but I believe I can point you in the right direction with a couple options.


Taxi is a convenient option from EZE airport to the center of Buenos Aires. Hailing one from the airport is easy, and they offer a direct option to wherever you’re going in the city. There are a lot of taxis in Buenos Aires. The city has one for approximately every 80 inhabitants. I honestly don’t know how this is sustainable. But it does make rates competitive.

Taxiezeiza is one of the companies that operates out of the airport. They currently have a promotion offering a return trip (outbound to airport, return to BA center) for only ARS 990 (~$25). This is quite a deal, given the typical one-way trip costs more like $30, typically. Prices in ARS will age quickly, as the inflation rate in Argentina is generally high.


Uber is a convenient option as well. You can expect to pay ARS600-800 ($16-22 USD) for a ride from Ezeiza International Airport to the Puerto Madero neighborhood, where our hotel was located. Depending on traffic and other factors, it could be higher. But this is not bad at all for a ride from EZE to Buenos Aires city center.

The taxistas aren’t too keen on Uber, which shouldn’t be a surprise. During our time in the capital, we witnessed a protest along the main avenue for a couple hours. Uber has no defined zone at EZE, and there are lots of taxis. Uber from the airport (according to reports) can be problematic at times, mainly due to the tension between the taxis and Uber.

Private Transfer

There are a few companies that provide private car or van service from EZE to Buenos Aires city center. These are a pricier option, however. Expect to pay $50 to over $100 for the service, one-way. There is a private car service called remises that offers a transfer service. The fleet is modern, and they are more comfortable than a taxi. But expect to pay a premium.

Bus: Cheapest Way from EZE Airport to Buenos Aires City

The research I’d done ahead of time pointed toward a bus as the cheapest way from EZE Airport to Buenos Aires city. There are a couple different bus companies, but the most convenient option is likely Tienda Leon. This was the company the information desk pointed us toward after we passed through customs and were in the arrivals area.

Tienda Leon offers transportation from EZE airport to Buenos Aires for 400 pesos (~$10 USD) per person. This is a very reasonable price, in my opinion. If you’re group is larger (3-4 people), Taxi or Uber will certainly be better. For a traveling pair, it might be a wash, or a taxi could actually be a hair cheaper. For the solo traveler, this is the cheapest way from EZE airport to Buenos Aires city.

To get to the Tienda Leon depot at EZE, you must exit the airport, keep going straight across the road, and then pass along a pedestrian walkway until you see it on the left. The Tienda Leon depot will be fairly obvious.

Our bus was very full. After landing at 10:30 a.m., we managed to catch the 11:30 departure. It had a scheduled arrival of 12:10 for an estimated transit time of 40 minutes.

The Tienda Leon bus depot in Buenos Aires is between the Centro and Puerto Madero neighborhoods. This was convenient, as we were staying at the Hilton Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero. The hotel is an easy walk away.

Transit Experience With Tienda Leon

The Tienda Leon bus was air conditioned and had comfortable seats. We were among the last to board and ended up in the very back. There really isn’t a lot to see between EZE airport and Buenos Aires. My daughter quickly fell asleep.

The bus uses a separate lane available for group transport, which helps cut down the travel time. Traffic got progressively worse the closer we got to Buenos Aires, but we were able to bypass the initial gridlock.

We arrived into the Puerto Madero area around 12:10, and I thought we would be at the stop shortly. That was the scheduled arrival time. How wrong I was.

We spent the next 40 minutes in traffic to go approximately half a kilometer. The bus driver took a different route than I expected, passing through Puerto Madero and looping back around to the depot. If we hadn’t placed a bag in the compartment below, I might have begged the driver to just let us off the bus. At one point we were within a 2-minute walk of the Hilton. It was super frustrating.

Transfer Between EZE and AEP

If you need to transfer between EZE and AEP, Tienda Leon is an option. The fare is only 100 pesos more than into Buenos Aires (total of 500 pesos). Just beware the significant delays that you may experience. If you’re pressed for time, using a taxi or Uber is likely a better choice, as you can get to Aeroparque Jorge Newberry much more directly. A taxi will likely charge you $40 or more.

Note that the Tienda Leon prices may change after posting. The exchange between Argentinian pesos and USD has been sliding for years. 


Given the horrible traffic and extended amount of time it took us to make a loop through Puerto Madero to the bus station, I’m not sure that the bus is necessarily the best way from EZE airport to Buenos Aires center. It is certainly the cheapest option, especially for the solo traveler. However, depending on where you are headed in Buenos Aires, a taxi or Uber could be entirely worth the additional cost.