Chase launched the Pay Yourself Back feature for the Sapphire Cards earlier in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting October 1, 2020, Chase is extending and expanding the Pay Yourself Back feature. The Pay Yourself Back feature has been a huge success. Fewer people are traveling in 2020 and many want a way to save on groceries and other everyday expenses.

All core Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) point-earning cards will now be included, not just the Sapphire Cards. However, how the Pay Yourself Back feature will work depends on your card’s family.


What’s Going On?

Sapphire Cards

The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve were the first two cards to be eligible for the Chase Pay Yourself Back feature. Fortunately, the program will now be available until April 30, 2021.

Furthermore, the categories will remain the same for the Sapphire Card family. Sapphire cardholders can redeem points at the following categories:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Dining (including take-out and delivery)
  • Home Improvement Stores (such as Home Depot or Lowes)
  • Contributions to 12 Eligible Charities

And UR points will continue to be worth either 1.25 cents (Preferred) or 1.5 cents (Reserve) when paying yourself back. These are the same valuations as redeeming points for travel with the Chase Travel Portal. For example, if a cardholder redeems 10,000 UR points towards everyday expenses, they will realize either $125 (Preferred) or $150 (Reserve) in value.


Ink Business Cards

The Chase Ink Business Preferred, Ink Business Cash, and Ink Business Unlimited are also eligible for the Pay Yourself Back feature. This feature can be helpful for small and medium business owners who want some extra cash for common business expenses. And Chase is offering the program from October 1 to December 31, 2020.

However, the categories to redeem points towards are different than those for Sapphire cardholders. Ink Business cardholders can redeem points for the following categories:

  • Advertising Expenses
  • Shipping Expenses
  • Contributions to 12 Eligible Charities

As with the Sapphire Preferred, UR points will be worth 1.25 cents apiece when redeeming with the Pay Yourself Back feature. For example, a redemption of 20,000 points towards shipping expenses is worth $250.


Freedom Cards

The Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Freedom Unlimited, and the “old” Chase Freedom are also eligible. This is huge because of the recent revamps of the former two cards. However, the Freedom Cards only have one category in the 12 Eligible Charities. There are no categories for everyday expenses like the Sapphire Cards. This is unfortunate because the Freedom Cards are excellent earners and they have no annual fee.

Fortunately, points are worth 1.25 cents apiece when redeeming them for charitable donations. And there is currently no end date for the Freedom Cards’ eligibility in the Pay Yourself Back program.


Eligible Charities

Chase partnered with the following charities earlier in 2020 so that cardholders can donate their points in lieu of cash:

  • American Red Cross
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • Feeding America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • International Medical Corporation
  • Leadership Education Fund
  • NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund
  • National Urban League
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund
  • United Negro College Fund
  • United Way
  • World Central Kitchen

This is an excellent list of charities given the social issues currently happening in the United States. Those who hold any core Chase UR point-earning card can redeem their points by donating to one or more of the above charities.


Final Draw

Chase extending and expanding the Pay Yourself Back feature is great for cardholders who do not plan on traveling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was such a success with the Sapphire Cards that Chase expanded it to the other core UR point-earning credit cards. However, the Pay Yourself Back feature is not available for co-branded credit cards, such as the World of Hyatt Card.

Categories and redemption values will evolve over time. And the best part is that UR points do not expire as with all transferrable points.