Doctor of Credit (H/T) reported today that Chase appears to have a new partnership with DoorDash. DoorDash is a food delivery service, which offers DashPass memberships for $9.99 per month. This membership waives all delivery fees on orders of at least $15 from DoorDash. Nonetheless, Chase is adding DoorDash Benefits to their personal credit cards for up to two years.


What’s Going On?

The four credit cards that are receiving the Chase DoorDash benefits are the Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, and Freedom Unlimited. Chase’s co-branded and business cards are not included.

The two Sapphire Cards are offering free DashPass memberships for up to two. Memberships will automatically renew after the 24-month mark. But you can always cancel if you do not like or use this feature. Furthermore, the two Freedom Cards are offering free DashPass memberships for a period of nine months.



You will receive some nice value here if you can use the Chase DoorDash benefits. This is especially true if you have a Sapphire Card. At $10 per month for 12 months, you can realize $120 in value per year for two years. This is the same amount of value that can be realized by using the American Express Gold Card’s dining credits in full each year. That being said, it appears that Chase is competing with the American Express Gold Card by forging this partnership with DoorDash.

Furthermore, I hope that Chase and DoorDash’s partnership continues and flourishes. Success with these benefits might lead to more permanent benefits on the Sapphire Cards, particularly the Reserve. According to Doctor of Credit (H/T), It’s possible that Chase could add a $100 DoorDash credit to justify raising its annual fee to $550 on January 12. The “dining credit” that was mentioned in previous rumors could be the DoorDash credits.


Final Draw

Your mileage may vary with these new Chase DoorDash benefits. Some people might love this benefit while others might find it to be useless. I personally do not use food delivery services because I would rather dine out or cook at home than have to-go food. However, many Americans have busy lifestyles and therefore have a need to get to-go food. These busy Americans will be the biggest beneficiaries of this partnership.

And if Chase adds a DoorDash DashPass benefit to the Sapphire Reserve, there will be some people who will switch to Chase from American Express. The Amex Gold Card’s dining credit is very restrictive whereas Chase’s new perk is not as restrictive.