Credit card issuers clamped down on credit card approvals after the economy went south. They imposed new guardrails and added new sets of restrictions. Similarly, I also wrote a few weeks back about how Chase outrightly denied me for a card. However, I waited it out for a few weeks and then decided to give it another try. This time, I applied for a business credit card by Chase. Here’s how it panned out.

Chase United Business Card – Approved after calling Recon

I applied for the Chase United Business Card. After I entered all the details, Chase immediately notified me via email that they didn’t grant instant approval to the application.

chase card approved

Damn. No instant approval.

Calling Reconsideration

I could’ve waited for the mail to come in and then take action, but I was way too anxious given that my previous application was instantly denied. Therefore, I called Chase’s reconsideration line.

However, the first Chase rep only verified my identity. After that, he transferred me to another department. He referred to them as the ‘decision makers’ of the application. Before I was transferred, the most bizarre thing happened, as recently highlighted in this post.

Request for Documents

The second rep confirmed that my application wasn’t approved instantly. He cited the reason that they needed more documents to process the application. Initially, he recommended that I should wait for the mail to come in as it would have all the details. I politely asked him if there’s a way to complete the process online. He said yes and told me that he’ll send me an email with all the details and that I can complete the process online.

I received the email in a few minutes. After I clicked on the link in the email, I was taken to a DocuSign application which contained all the details.

chase card approved

The first document requested was the proof of physical address


chase card approved

The second set contained documents pertaining to the business


After I attached all the documents, I signed the DocuSign application at the bottom and submitted the documents. I received an email confirming that the documents had been submitted for review. After a few days, Chase sent me an email confirming that they approved my application.

The Pundit’s Mantra

In conclusion, I’d say that the overall application experience really impressed me. Firstly, the rep seemed to know what he was doing. He guided me through the application process and explained what was needed. Secondly, I was able to complete the entire process online without having to leave my house.

Overall, I’m hoping that this is an ongoing trend of card issuers slowly easing up on credit card approvals. Moreover, the seamlessness and the ease with which I could complete the entire application process online was really fast and convenient.

Did you apply for a Chase credit card recently? How was your application experience? Tell us in the comments section.


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