Carnival Cruises broke the hearts of spring breakers (and a handful of folks long graduated from college) worldwide yesterday when it announced that it would no longer allow guests to carry on bottled beverages, including water effective July 9th. The exception to this is you may still bring on one bottle of wine or champagne per passenger. In exchange, Carnival is lowering the price of bottled water purchased on board to $2.99 per 12 pack if reserved in advance or $4.99 on board.


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You can expect the usual course of complaining about this being a revenue enhancing ploy but I do not agree. Does it reduce the likelihood that anyone will be smuggling booze on board in empty water bottles? Absolutely. But if you really just wanted water, that $2.99 price point is not bad….and frankly worth it to avoid the hassle of needing to lug a pack of water on board in my opinion.

In the end, I’m indifferent to the change. I’ve become a fan of beverage packages that include bottled water for one, and given that I usually have to fly to a port, it’s just not convenient to lug a pack of water on board for me. Fellow cruisers, how do you feel about this change?

-MJ, June 10, 2015