Earn Points With a Tweet! But they DON’T extend expiration.

Marriott Rewards started their #RewardsPoints program earlier this summer where you can earn up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards Points a year for interacting with Marriott on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

One great part was the 1,000 points weekly during the NFL seasons by answering a question with a tweet! So of course, I had my whole family do it! What I just found out though was somehow all my dad’s points expired even though he had all these points from tweeting!

Since my dad’s last Marriott stay was 4 years ago, on the Marriott site it says due to no qualifying activity, all his points have expired sometime in 2016.

But, he’s earned many points throughout the football season, and they’ve all posted. Now they just randomly chose 5/5/18 to expire all the points? We called Marriott and the rep said that if you don’t have any activity (hotel stays, etc) they will expire. So technically, she was saying that his account wasn’t eligible to earn points from Twitter/Social Media Campaigns because he hasn’t had “qualifying” activity in the last 2 years.

But how did my dad’s points even post in the first place if he is “ineligible”? For example, the Super Bowl bonus was posted on 2/7/18, and my dad’s points were expired recently on 5/5/18 which is only 3 months? The rep didn’t even know why they chose 5/5 to remove the points.

Weird system they got here…. Be careful if this pertains to you or your family members! Marriott Rewards will just remove your points randomly!

Happy travels,