Calling a person by the wrong name is a social faux pas that one should always avoid. I make sure I am not using the wrong name (or pronunciation for that matter) when referring to people, places and of course airlines.

Lately I have noticed a worrying trend of people referring to airlines by whatever shorthand they see fit. When it is blatantly incorrect, I can’t help but think how stupid these people must be.

It’s The Wrong Name, Dummy!

Quite frequently I am seeing Alaska Airlines referred to by the wrong name. People seem to casually refer to it as Alaskan, which is just totally incorrect. Sure, you could say it’s a casual way of abbreviating it, but it comes across as lazy.

Another one that astonished me recently was a person writing about the oneworld carrier Royal Air Maroc. The person posting quite happily referred to it twice as Air Morocco when asking a question about the airline. Seriously?!

There is another habit I have noticed, which seems to be peculiar to people in the USA when referring to British Airways. This is conveniently (?!) shortened to British Air more often than you’d think, which is just weird to me.

The other two I notice as an Australian living in Ireland is Qantas being spelled Quantas and Aer Lingus being written as Air Lingus. This is understandable though, as many don’t know the Australian airline’s name was originally an acronym (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services), and very few people know Irish (Aer Lingus means Air Fleet).

Overall Thoughts

Why do people insist on using the wrong name for airlines under certain circumstances? Is it people being lazy, forgetful or something else? I strive for accuracy wherever possible, so this kind of thing completely baffles me. You may as well refer to Delta as Del, Southwest as Southw, United as Uni, Frontier as Front – it’s just as ridiculous in my eyes.

Luckily I know my airlines, so it’s easy to know what people mean (Air Morocco! *snort*), but others may be more easily confused. Either way, don’t get me started on my personal bugbear, which is aircraft being referred to as “aircrafts”. Ugh!

Have you come across people using the wrong name for any particular airline? I’d love to hear your examples or indeed a reason why you think people do this. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Royal Air Maroc by N509FZ via Wikimedia Commons.
Qantas by Adam Moreira via Wikimedia Commons.