Yesterday I reviewed the cruise ship Celebrity Equinox and today I’m back to aviation. British Airways offer a Pre-Flight Supper at the Galleries Club lounge at New York JFK airport. Certain evening departures from the East Coast of the USA are marked as “Sleeper Service” and the concept is that you eat in the lounge before your flight and go straight to sleep on board.

The dining area is segregated from the main lounge and your boarding pass is scanned to allow access. The Pre-Flight Supper is available to passengers travelling in Club World and not to other status passengers who may be using the lounge. The dining room was quite busy when I entered and I feared I would not be able to find a table.

Happily there is ample table seating provided and I soon found a seat.

Food is self-service and everything is very easy to find with the clear signage.

The food spread is extensive. Main courses consist of Indian options, Meatballs, Rigatoni, Baked Atlantic Cod, or Leek and Spinach Tart. Sides included Roasted new potatoes, Roasted carrots or Local corn, pepper summer succotash. Desserts include fruit and cheese, banana bread pudding and strawberry compote.

Being the shy sort, I skipped the soup course, the fish and the cheese. Otherwise I tried every single thing on the menu by having a little bit of everything. The stand out was easily the Meatballs – I ate two and decided I could squeeze in two more. Along the way I had a glass of Champagne and a glass of water. Both dessert pots were excellent. It was just a party in my mouth with this food!

Overall Thoughts

The concept of having flights marked as a Sleeper Service and having passengers eat in the lounge is a sound one. Flight times across the Atlantic can be as little as 6 hours with decent wind which leaves little time for sleep if a full meal is served on board. For business people this makes perfect sense as most would probably hit the ground running and be straight in to the office. This offering just makes sense and happily also offers a wide variety of decent quality food. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please leave them below.

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