Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and I was lucky enough to visit for the first time in several years recently. British Airways operate quite a large lounge here and I found it to be very pleasant. The lounge is divided into various different sections and features some separate facilities for business people.

Entrance and Lobby

A common theme with British Airways lounges is the blue walls surrounding the lounge entry, which is the same as other places such as Glasgow and Washington DC. The lounge attendant commented, “I hope you got my good side!” when I entered, referring to my photographing the entrance. Her friendly demeanour set the tone for all the people I interacted with.

The large sofa in the lobby looks comfortable sitting below the British Airways Speedmarque. It is a pleasant place to wait for others in your party if you get separated.

Edinburgh Lounge Decor

To avoid wear and tear such as spillages or from general traffic, eating and serving areas have wooden floors underfoot. The other areas for lounging and relaxing feature grey carpet which looks clean and fresh.

Various different types of seating are offered from benches to table seating to relaxing arm chairs. Throw pillows are also provided for most of the seats.

Overall the effect is quite good, a nice mix between professional and comfortable. It is lucky that it is since the large windows overlook a car park so there isn’t much to see outside!

Food and Drink

Offering a decent selection of snacks, soup and sandwiches, the Edinburgh lounge follows the familiar British Airways lounge template. Twinings tea, coffee and a selection of biscuits are offered as well as the usual selection of spirits, beer, wine and mixers.

Sandwiches are kept replenished by the friendly and courteous staff as they run out. The selection comprised of Cheddar Cheese & Arran Tomato Chutney on Malted Bread, Pastrami & Caramelized Arran Onion Relish on Malted Bread and Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise on White Bread.

Carrot and Rhubarb soup was available when I visited and tasted quite delicious too! Three kinds of trail mix are available to have with your drinks and of course there is a selection of cheese.

In case you wanted to know, there is Maryland Cheddar Cheese and Bleu d’Auvergne Cheese along with Thin Oat Cakes, Carr’s Water Biscuits and Fruit Chutney. Yum!

Modern Toilets

Toilet facilities are quite modern which suggests this lounge was refurbished in the not too distant past.

The design of the cubicle is virtually identical to other lounges the airline has opened recently and I think they look far nicer than the white ones at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Business Facilities

Wireless internet is free and fast in all British Airways lounges and Edinburgh is no exception. In contrast to the Glasgow lounge, there are dedicated business facilities.

I rather like the small private offices which means the loud business call among the main lounge passengers can be avoided. For those travelling with a party of business people there is a whole room with desks for use. Very good!

Overall Thoughts

Happiness comes from enjoyment and I certainly enjoyed my time in the British Airways Edinburgh Lounge. The food selection is perfect for a snack or three between flights and the drinks selection was fairly comprehensive as it usually is. From the friendly welcome to the chic lobby and generally nice decor I found it to be a relaxing and pleasing experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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