When you think of an airline like British Airways, you think you will have to pay a price premium. It’s a long established carrier and has a certain brand aura about it. What I always find fun is when the airline has exceptionally low prices, beating the competition.

I’ve come across perhaps the lowest price I have ever seen offered by the oneworld alliance airline. I didn’t believe it was real at first, so I decided to check it out – and here’s what I found.

An Exceptionally Low Fare

Anyone wanting to fly from Dublin to London Heathrow can find this fare on the Crystal Travel website, who I’ve never heard of or used before. I popped in my flight search and the date and look what it brought up.

Checking the British Airways website and searching the same service shows it pricing up at €15 or £12.47. The online travel agent has it £9 cheaper than, which is interesting.

Of course, these are hand baggage only fares, but that’s no big deal. In this day and age so many people travel without a checked bag that nobody blinks an eye.

Can You Book It?

Yes, it all booked quite happily. Even on my fare the option to “Pay In Installments” was available and as it amused me I gave it a click but alas I wasn’t eligible. Even though it was an exceptionally low fare, I earn the normal amounts in the Executive Club.

When I check out Manage My Booking on BA, it has booked into O class, which comes with 625 Avios and 5 Tier Points. A bargain! It’s even appeared in my account correctly and I’ve gone and selected a seat. All very normal all round!

Overall Thoughts

It’s great when airlines offer ridiculously cheap fares. Of course, these are on flights where they expect low demand and want to fill the plane, but it’s still good for the bargain hunter within us all.

I highly doubt I’ll end up taking the flight, but it was worth booking just for research purposes. Still, you never know, if I can find a cheap return, an overnight November jaunt might be something to do.

What do you think of this exceptionally low fare? Have you ever seen cheaper on a legacy airline? Actually, I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find something lower on a budget airline. What was the lowest price you ever paid for a ticket? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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