Qantas operate a network of Domestic Business lounges within Australia and Brisbane is no exception. These lounges are specifically set aside for domestic Business Class passengers and oneworld Emerald Frequent flyers. Similar to American Airlines, Qantas offer a paid lounge proposition called The Qantas Club and the Domestic Business Lounges were created to provide a more premium experience for actual frequent flyers!

I understand Qantas are currently renovating the lounges in Brisbane which is why the lounge was absolutely rammed to the gills when I visited. I was lucky enough to get seats down near the entrance to the toilets. First port of call after dumping my stuff was food. There is a menu available which outlines what is on offer.

There was a guy making some kind of hot dog type items at an area with a Diner sign so I headed over there immediately and grabbed what was on offer. One must act quickly in case it’s a limited offer!

It was very delicious and being the shy sort I immediately went back for another, snapping a picture of the coffee machine along the way.

There are biscuit jars featuring white chocolate and cranberry cookies and gingerbread hearts. Naturally I had a couple of each in the name of research! For the health conscious there is an array of salads to go with whatever else you’re eating. These looked fresh and delicious.

During my four hours in the lounge I also sampled the soup which was fine.

Due to the fact the lounge was a seething mass of humanity, I went camera shy for the most part. There are two pictures of the epitome of quality that is this lounge in Brisbane.

Snazzy décor all round really!

Overall Thoughts

The Qantas Domestic Business lounge in Brisbane is a lounge waiting to be closed and replaced with a refurbished space. The seating looks quite tired and the décor is not particularly fashionable. A lot of the feeling of how good a lounge visit is comes from the feeling of space and calm and this was the opposite.

The food selection was to a very high standard which should be expected in a lounge of this calibre so full marks on that. The new lounge that Qantas opens here will be cutting edge and can’t arrive quickly enough for me! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments please leave them below.

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