Yes, I’m off the road for a bit.  I do have one personal trip planned in a few weeks, but otherwise, I’m off the road until April unless something unforeseen comes up.  This happens every year, and every year I get bored.  Not that I don’t have enough to do.  The reason I’m off the road is that I have more work to do locally this time of year.  I’m bored because I miss the hubbub of travel.  I love getting to/from the airport, hanging out waiting for the flights, and jetting my way to another city in no time at all.  Call me crazy, but that’s just the way I am.

This will be over soon enough, and I’ll be out and about again.  In the meantime, perhaps I’ll have some more time to post!  I know I’ll have some more time this weekend.  The saddest and happiest day is approaching….March 1.  The new program year for your favorite frequent flyer program, and the end of my era as a Delta Medallion member.  Thankfully, I’ve got AAdvantage Platinum to live for!  And a whole year of travel trying to re-earn Medallion status.