Doesn’t this Boeing 747 in the sea remind you of something? Could it be a still photo from the classic Universal Pictures disaster movie, Airport ’77? You would be forgiven for thinking so, but this is actually real.

Using aircraft to create an artificial reef is not really all that new, with smaller jets having been sunk elsewhere. This is the first time an aeroplane of this size has been used though!

Boeing 747 in Bahrain

Dive Bahrain is sinking the Boeing 747 in the sea near the city of Diyar Al Muharraq. It will be the centre piece of a huge dive site at the location.

If you have ever been inside a near empty Jumbo Jet, such as the one at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, you will appreciate how cavernous they truly are. Diving inside one of these will be some experience!

Of course, efforts have been made to ensure things are environmentally sound. Everything has been fully decommissioned and anything that could be a hazard has been removed. The fuselage has also been thoroughly washed to ensure it is in pristine condition before being dunked in the water.

Overall Thoughts

CNN report the underwater theme park is due to open in August 2019. Having the Boeing 747 in the attraction as well as many other things means it should be a magnet for those wanting to have an interesting dive experience.

Other places in the world have Boeing 727s and 737s as artificial reefs, and of course there’s at least one Airbus too. Sinking man made objects like this creates a reef which is apparently beneficial to the marine environment.

Have you ever dived on an artificial reef made of an aircraft? Have you ever dived before and where do you prefer to go? Any thoughts on this project? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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