Back at the start of the jet age, an airline was a prestigious symbol of its country of origin. Cabin designs often reflected the country, right down to the pattern on the sidewalls around passenger windows.

These days everything is usually a generic white, so as not to offend the 21st century traveller’s delicate sensibilities. While it makes for a clean look, it’s hardly interesting.

Guess The Pattern!

The Boeing 707 entered service in late 1958 and one airline decided to make the cabin sidewall pattern a reflection of their country. A bunch of wildflowers were selected to grace the window surrounds.

Of course, on the actual plane itself, the names of the flowers were also present. Something to interest and educate people while inflight, especially handy in those days when there was no on board music or movies.

A Bonus Question

Before jet aircraft came on the scene, the pinnacle of piston powered travel was on board the elegant Lockheed Constellation. This was one of the most graceful looking airliners ever produced.

At the seats with a table (was this the on board lounge?) some carriers decided to put up some wall art. This airline put a big world map there. A hint as to the airline? Well, it’s the same as the one with the wildflowers.

Overall Thoughts

The wildflower pattern is certainly an interesting one. I would love to see some other interesting designs from the dawn of the jet age, so if anyone has any, give me a shout.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the reason we have gone to such clean looking interiors is because it reduces air sickness. Having a bunch of patterns and colours bouncing around during turbulence apparently makes people more prone to motion sickness. What a shame!

Anyway, let’s hope you can guess the airline, but if not I’ll make sure I put the answer down in the comments. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Airmark Corporation via VH-JET#1 & Her Sisters.
707 wildflowers via VH-JET#1 & Her Sisters.
Constellation via Pinterest but it’s originally from