Travel Gadget Reviews

This HappyFlyer is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast with a passion for travel. She will be writing about her interest in travel gadgets and sharing her best travel tips and unique perspective on travel experiences.

Everything You Need to Know about Travel Tours (Part 1)

  IS A TRAVEL TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? If you ask a group of people if it is worth doing a travel tour, you will get a lot of different answers. I generally find that most people fall into one of two camps: The pro-tour group: “Tours are great! Travel companies take care of all the details for me.” The independent travel group: “Why? It’s so easy to get around, you don’t need a tour to get to the attractions.” “You’ll miss out on the interactions with locals if you’re stuck in a tour.” “Save your money so you...

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Do you still carry a digital camera with you when you travel?

Whenever I pack for travel these days, I find myself wondering if I should take my camera with me. More accurately, the context is more along the lines of, “Is my phone’s camera enough for the trip, or do I need to carry my point-and-shoot camera as a backup?” I usually end up taking the digital camera, for this reason: You’d think that a 16GB phone should be enough storage, but resources on the phone (OS, apps, music and pictures) all take a slice out of the available storage. Add in a few videos into the mix, and you...

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