Writing a blog is quite fun as you get to exercise your creativity. I always try to put together something that others will read and enjoy. It is quite rewarding when people take the time out to write a comment as sometimes comments challenge my perspective and I like that. Before joining Travel Update I would write elsewhere and usually my posts would be written chronologically. Nowadays I write whatever I feel like at the time.

For fun I had a look through my blog posts and checked out how many had come from my holiday to Australia in April. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered I had managed to write sixteen reviews on one trip! You can see these below listed in the order that they occurred in real life along with an occasional comment from me.

London to Sydney

Flying to Australia in Premium Economy is the right choice considering the extreme flight times involved. I have flown it in Economy Class and it’s not hideous it’s just that Premium Economy makes it easier.

British Airways World Traveller Plus – London to Hong Kong

The InterContinental Hong Kong is an amazing hotel and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing here!

InterContinental Hong Kong

Hong Kong Foodie tasting tours

Cathay’s The Pier in Hong Kong is arguably my favourite lounge in the world for its ambiance and design cues.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge Hong Kong

British Airways codeshare with Cathay Pacific between Hong Kong and Sydney and I always choose this route so I can fly on Cathay. Their Premium Economy product is superior to British Airways in my eyes.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Baby on Board – Hong Kong to Sydney

Visiting The Great Barrier Reef

My Mother decided to take me away to The Great Barrier Reef for my birthday. I upgraded three of the four flights to Business Class so she would have her first experience flying up front and so I could blog on how they did things at Qantas.

Qantas Domestic Business Class Part 1 – Sydney to Brisbane

These flights were reviewed separately as each had different seats and different in-flight entertainment.

Qantas Domestic Business Class Part 2 – Brisbane to Cairns

Shangri-La Hotel Cairns

Qantas Club Cairns

It was lucky there were no seats for upgrade on one sector as it provided a taste of Qantas’ domestic economy service which turned out to be quite good.

Qantas Domestic Economy Class – Cairns to Brisbane

Qantas Domestic Business Lounge Brisbane

The Domestic Business Class Suite is actually the new International Business Class Suite. The aircraft do the occasional flight between Sydney and Brisbane so I chose to wait for 4 hours in Brisbane in order to get on one of these to write a blog post about. It was worth the waiting time!

Qantas Domestic Business Class Suite – Brisbane to Sydney

Sydney to London

The Qantas First Class lounge has the best lounge food I have ever experienced and I had as much fun writing this review as I did in the lounge. I knew the food would be good so I arrived early enough to experience both the breakfast and all day menus!

Qantas International First Lounge Sydney

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy – Sydney to Hong Kong

I thought my photos were not that great for this report on Club World so I held off writing it for quite a while. When it posted it was one of the more popular ones I have written for some reason which surprised me!

British Airways Club World – Hong Kong to London

British Airways Galleries First London Heathrow T5

Overall Thoughts

Writing reviews is quite enjoyable and I am happy to see sixteen from one trip. That was despite missing out things such as the return flights between Dublin and London and the Sydney Domestic Business Lounge. Happily I will be visiting Australia again in April this time on Qatar Airways thanks to their amazing sale to Auckland earlier this year. I wonder if I will be able to get another sixteen reviews out of it – all signs are promising! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments please leave them below.

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