Now that the US DOT has approved the proposed slot swap between Delta Air Lines and US Airways, the case for moving over to US Airways from United is slightly more compelling, but I’m not there yet. As I discussed in this post back in early June, I’m struggling with the idea of making the move even though I fly US Airways more than United, and I’m only a 15 to 20 minute cabride to DCA on a heavy traffic day. There’s no question that US Airways is a good option that’s about to get better for many travelers in and around Washington, DC.

There’s a little piece of me that can’t quite get over everything that happened to Dividend Miles following the 2 bankruptcies and takeover by America West. To say it’s a changed program since my time as a Dividend Miles Chairman’s Preferred would be an understatement. That said, the plethora of flights they have from the airport closest to me, their continued membership in Star Alliance, and the likelihood that US is an airline I can use more than any other right now make a worthy case for switching. I’m not going to do that just yet though. I want to see where US Airways actually winds up flying to and from DCA once this slot swap gets done. Not to mention, I wouldn’t mind a clearer picture on the labor relations front either. But I suppose that’s a risk you have to take with any airline nowadays.

I’m gonna be watching the developments at US Airways and Dividend Miles closely over the next few months. I’d bet I’m not the only DC area traveler that’s doing the same thing. Will I switch? I really don’t know. There’s always the possibility that I just keep accruing to MileagePlus and forgo the domestic upgrade opportunities in exchange for a better overall mileage program. I know some real mileage earners dabble in both programs, but I haven’t seen a way to make that work for me just yet. Any suggestions from those more experienced than me in things like this are always welcome.