The latter half of April 2020 has been crazy! There has been lots of changes in the points and miles world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those changes on my end is the discontinuation of my weekly review posts. They have been replaced with Monthly Review posts like this one because the weekly posts were seldom being read.

Unlike the old weekly review, not every post from the second half of April will be discussed. However, links to the posts that are featured will be provided as they were in the past.

Without further ado, here are the best posts of the second half of April 2020:


American Express Will Enhance Their Premium Cards in May 2020

This post was the biggest of the month and it discussed American Express enhancing their premium credit cards in May 2020. In late April, Amex announced that they were going to help their premium cardholders. The main way they wanted to do this was by changing some of the perks on the premium cards.

Furthermore, Amex later announced that they were adding some statement credits onto their premium and certain mid-tier credit cards. The Platinum and Green Cards were the most notable of the bunch that received extra credits.

Special thanks to everyone who read and shared this post! It became my second-most read to date within two days of publishing!


American Express Might Partially Refund Annual Fees in May 2020

Amex struck again on the last day of the month! They announced that they might partially refund annual fees in May 2020. This post was written in the wake of news about premium card enhancements. It served as a second round of clues about American Express helping their premium and mid-tier cardholders.

I thought that Amex would give direct annual fee statement credits to cardholders when I was writing this post. But in true Amex fashion, cardholders must follow the rules to receive the statement credits. Chase and Citi have provided more direct (and easier to obtain) credits to their cardholders so far.

However, American Express has gone above and beyond with creativity and knowing their cardholders’ needs during these strange times. Kudos to Amex for their creativity and help.


Chase Has Removed the Slate Card from Its Website

This post was hard for me write because the Slate card was the first credit card I was ever approved for. However, Chase removed it from its website in the middle of last month. Chase is feeling the pressure of COVID-19 as much as the rest of society. Therefore, they decided to remove some credit cards that were not profitable for them from their website.

Plus, they have also decided to tighten underwriting standards for future cards applicants. In other words, getting approved for a Chase credit card might be tougher in the near future.

I am not sure whether the Slate (and two other cards that were removed) are being discontinued. But I hope they are not.


Final Draw

The three posts featured above generated considerable views and readership, especially in these tough times. That is why they are the best posts of April 2020. I am so grateful for everyone who has read them and my other posts over the last month. Thank you again!

Hopefully, times will get better and we will be able to travel once more.