I had no intention of eating any food on this flight. My connecting itinerary was London to Stockholm to London to Hong Kong to Sydney, so I was planning to skip dinner and eat on the way to Hong Kong. The baked risotto had other ideas.

Do&Co provide the catering for British Airways services to and from London Heathrow in Europe. With attractive and tasty meals, I challenge anyone to skip the goodness.

BA781 – Stockholm to London Heathrow (ARN-LHR)
11 November 2019
Airbus A321 – G-EUXE
Seat: Business Class 2F
Departure: 18:00 Arrival: 19:45

After spending a few hours in the Menzies Aurora lounge in Terminal 2, it was time to board. Pre-flight we were provided with our menu for the evening and a hot towel. Soon enough we headed to the runway and were into the air.

Baked Risotto For Dinner, Anyone?

Choices for the main meal were Grilled Atlantic Cod, Tikka marinated British chicken salad or the Baked risotto. Not feeling much like fish or a salad, I figured I’d have the risotto and just have a bit of it.

Instead of my usual Champagne, I decided on a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. My reasoning behind that is that the bubbles would be better on the international Cathay Pacific flight from London to Hong Kong and I was not wrong.

Tucking in, I enjoyed the fresh salad very much. The baked risotto was off the scale though! I stuck to the plan and had half of it, amazed at the amount of flavour I could taste. Next, I turned to the dessert and as a lover of lemon everything, inhaled it. Finishing with a little cheese, I sat back.

Half of the baked risotto looked back at me, temptingly. I decided to have a couple of corners. Put down my knife and fork. Figured a bit more wouldn’t hurt. Ended up finishing it all! So much for my self control and “not having dinner on this flight”.

Green Tea To Finish

The Twinings tea selection in Club Europe is pretty good and I can recommend the green tea. Happily, this time the crew remembered to put the extra little saucer out for the tea bag.

We descended and landed in London on time. Changing from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 at Heathrow was pretty annoying this time around, but that I did and continued my journey.

Overall Thoughts

Who knew a baked risotto would grab my attention so thoroughly? The entire meal was delicious from start to finish and I certainly recommend it.

Have you tried this dinner on British Airways in Club Europe? Perhaps another is a favourite? If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons.