The hallowed halls of Terminal 2 in Dublin are being graced with a few new airlines. British Airways, Iberia and Vueling have all moved over, so they can be handled by IAG stablemate Aer Lingus.

My first thought when I heard this was, where will they fit? It seems where there’s a will, there’s a way and thus far both the 300 and 400 gates have been used for the services.

Terminal 2 In Dublin

British Airways appear to have drawn the short straw. Their check-in desks have been shoe-horned into what was a currency exchange booth. This means there is no baggage belt, so I am sure that presents an interesting challenge. Whether this is going to be permanent or not remains to be seen.

I haven’t yet heard where the Iberia and Vueling desks are, but I am sure passengers will find them. Perhaps they are waiting for other airlines to give up their desks or something like that. Considering how many passengers have a lot of bags, the BA solution must be temporary.

Lounge Access Varies Depending On Your Flight

The main lounge in Terminal 2 is, of course, the Aer Lingus lounge. This is the Irish airline’s flagship lounge, and happily the passengers of British Airways and Iberia are now welcome… but not all the time.

According to the oneworld alliance lounge access database – which is kept very up to date – passengers can only access the Aer Lingus lounge after 09:00. This means earlier departures (BA923 to Gatwick, BA831 to Heathrow and both BA4461 and BA4463 to City) have to use the vastly inferior DAA Lounge in T2.

Overall Thoughts

Terminal 2 in Dublin is easily the nicest facility at the airport. It’s also the newest. There should be a much better passenger experience there, but I never found anything wrong with T1, apart from the fact it can get crowded.

When it comes to lounges, you’ll need to be in the know, so you don’t rock up to the wrong one. No-one needs to be doing the lounge walk of shame!

What do you think of BA, IB and VY moving to T2 in DUB? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Dennis Kartenkaemper on Shutterstock.
British Airways Dublin check-in by EvilDoctorK on FlyerTalk.