I did a double planned weekend, with a night in Belfast for a music festival, and then I had to head to Glasgow to see friends. Anyone else would have taken Aer Lingus Regional for the quick hop between the cities, but not me.

Noticing that the British Airways were charging just £20 more to fly Belfast to London to Glasgow meant it was financially attractive to do it this way. I’d be able to eat in the lounges for one, thus saving me paying for food – and I like flying BA. See, logical!

Belfast City Airport

Not a lot makes me happier than passing through the airport formalities in a flash. That’s exactly how it was at Belfast City Airport. Almost before I knew it I was done and on the way to the lounge.

British Airways closed their lounge a while back and Aspire expanded their lounge into that space. Happily I found it to be quite comfortable! Even better, the direct boarding from the lounge remains in place, so we were first onto the aerobridge.

BA1419 – Belfast City to London Heathrow (BHD-LHR)
26 May 2024
Airbus A320 – G-EUUL
Seat: EuroTraveller 9A
Departure: 17:35 Arrival: 18:55

Once on board, I proceeded down to my row and stowed my carry-on bag overhead. I settled into my seat and waited for boarding to finish up. An announcement came over the PA from the flight deck – there had been a storm passing through London, so we were delayed until we were given ATC clearance to leave.

Service On The Ground

The delay was long enough to do the service, so the cabin crew decided to do that. I enviously looked on as the Club Europe passengers were given Champagne to help ease the pain of the delay. Shortly the EuroTraveller crew arrived and gave us our service.

There is a choice offered, “Sweet or Savoury?” and this time I went with sweet. That meant a bag of mini-chocolate chip cookies for me! So tiny and yet so tasty, so I was happy.

A Gold Surprise!

Not long after this, the Inflight Manager, an efficient and intelligent man named Kyle, came by. He thanked me for “being one of our most frequent flyers” and asked if I’d “like something a bit stronger”. Now that didn’t take any thought at all, and I replied that I wouldn’t mind some Champagne.

This arrived shortly after in a disposable coffee cup, which amusingly had “A little pick me up” written across it. Apt for what was in it on this occasion! I also received two packs of the Club Europe nuts and all was right with the world.

Flying Belfast to London

During the delay, Kyle was reassuring an old couple behind me, discussing the delay and compensation rights and so on, in response to their questions. He even offered to get them a cup of tea once in the air. It was really lovely service, again discreetly done, as he was not standing up over them, he was at their level.

To everyone’s surprise, we started pushing back and then the safety demonstration was given. We took to the sky and set course for Heathrow. True to his word, the IFM delivered tea to the couple behind me once the Club Europe service was complete. Our crew also came through again and offered more snacks, so I took the savoury option this time, a pack of Graze Salt and Vinegar Crunch. Yum! We arrived in London late, but not too late, around 45 minutes.

Overall Thoughts

The cabin crew at British Airways are some of the best in the sky. I have almost always had excellent service from them and they really make the flight. The IFM on this flight really showed how good he was in the role, making use of the delay time, reassuring people and even remembering me!

While the complimentary snack and water are small, you can order from a buy on board menu as well. On this flight they were a bit easyJet orange coloured, so they really stood out. I’ve only purchased from this menu once and the food is quite fine.

What do you think of EuroTraveller on British Airways? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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